Our Operations

Our businesses are critical to the markets in which they operate.

We operate in both regulated and non-regulated utility markets, holding licenses from Ofgem and Ofwat. Our businesses' accreditations are a further indication of our exacting standards, ensuring that all our installed infrastructure assets are constructed and maintained to the highest industry level.

The networks are operated through the following asset businesses.

Our Operations

Gas Networks and Meters:

  • GTC Pipelines Ltd (GPL)
  • Independent Pipelines Limited (IPL)
  • Independent Meters Limited (IML)

Electricity Networks:

  • The Electricity Network Company Ltd (ENC)
  • Independent Power Networks Limited (IPNL)

Other Utility Networks:

  • Independent Water Networks Limited (IWNL)
  • Open Fibre Networks (OFNL) for Fibre to the Home
  • Independent Community Heat Limited (ICHL)
Our Operations