Our business revolves
around STEM

Our business revolves around STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)
skills and competencies – with engineers, IT experts, data analysts,
developers and more driving the innovation and technology
that grows our business and takes us nearer to a net zero future.

Raising awareness of STEM careers is important to everyone. Having opportunities
to see real people working in actual STEM roles in their communities is proven
to help broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and challenge
stereotypes. It may even open a whole new world of possibility for them.

“I think it’s great to illustrate the breadth of
opportunities STEM offers and start raising
awareness as early as possible. Children are generally
naturally inquisitive, and STEM can help cultivate that
and allow their imagination to flourish. As an
Engineer, it is great to share how what we do
individually, and as an industry, can positively impact
the world around us.”

Adeel, Metropolitan Senior Design Engineer and BUUK STEM Ambassador

STEM Ambassadors

BUUK STEM Ambassadors across the group work with primary, secondary, further
and higher education settings to support STEM education and promote
the many exciting career opportunities that studying STEM subjects can lead to.
They share their experiences and knowledge by going to schools, attending
careers fairs, recruitment days, and supporting opportunities for work experience.
We aim to attract the next generation of employees with a passion for STEM to
ensure we meet the opportunities, challenges, and aspirations that lie ahead.

Removing barriers
and supporting
women in STEM roles

We are committed to creating a more equal
workplace – with equal opportunity and equal
representation for all. That includes focusing on
STEM education, removing barriers for all
students, and supporting women in STEM roles.

WISE ways to
achieve gender parity

BUUK has joined forces with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) to
address the challenges the STEM sector faces in the UK, where only 24% of the
workforce are women. Working with WISE will ensure we
recruit from a diverse pool and then continue to retain and maximise the
potential of our women STEM employees at all career stages and levels.