Be part of the journey

BUUK has been on an exciting journey of growth and development
for over 30 years – creating opportunities, developing solutions,
innovating the multi-utility sector, and driving towards a net zero
world. Great people have got us to where we are now, and great
people will go on to shape our future.

BUUK people thrive within a
supportive culture where
everyone matters.

Our company values are the foundations and the future of BUUK.
They are what we stand for, how we live and work, where we are going and how we’ll get there.

BUUK Values

“I love the BUUK

We share a sense of mutual respect and
belonging, which underpins our culture and
creates a supportive environment where
everyone belongs.

“I can be myself
at work.”

Different people bring different
experiences, skills and perspectives to
work, making us all stronger.

“Safety and wellbeing
are important”

Work Safe Home Safe is a big part of our
Be Safe Be Well company value. Looking out
for ourselves, our colleagues, our
communities, and our customers is a shared priority. 

“We’re making a
big difference.”

We are environmentally accountable and are
delivering a green revolution for UK housing
and sustainable communities, taking us
closer to net zero every day. 

BUUK is a Great Place to Work®

BUUK is one of the UK’s Best Super Large Workplaces in the Great Place to Work® annual audit and rankings – and we have been consistently since 2018. We are incredibly proud to also be one of the Best Workplaces for Women™, one of the Best Workplaces for Wellbeing™ and one of the Best Workplaces for Development™.

Learn more about the Best Workplaces™ programme and what makes BUUK a Great Place to Work®

Photo of Paul, Group Managing Director

“If BUUK wasn’t a great
place to work, I wouldn’t
still be here after 25 years.”

Paul, Group Managing Director

Great people doing
great things every day.

We are unique in the breadth and diversity of jobs across our group. BUUK
people are doing great work and making a difference. We feel trusted,
supported, valued and rewarded – and we want to do our best for our
customers, our company and our colleagues.

Taking care of those
who rely on us

Over two million UK homes and businesses are connected to our networks.
The people living and working in these new communities rely on the heat,
electricity, water, wastewater, gas, and gigabit fibre we deliver.
We are committed to meeting all their service needs, along with those
of our most vulnerable customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Hear about BUUK from the
people that know best

We have asked lots of people in many different roles about
their jobs and their BUUK journeys.